T RANSCRIPTIONS We can transcribe any medium. For nearly a quarter of a Century, American Language Services ALS has been a premier supplier of languages services. We supply best quality services for a significant number of Major Corporations, Law Firms and Governmental Agencies in the residential US market and abroad.

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A.L.S was a great help with all the international clients I deal with through my business. They were able to translate, interpret, transcribe everything that I needed to communicate with other countries. American Language Services simplified business to business relations when it comes to foreign businesses. I can how expand my client base because of their fast and reliable services.

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AML-Global has been connecting linguists to US-based and international companies for over 35 years. Our mission is to provide a world class platform to link clients to the finest, most qualified linguists available in the world. Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI). Available 24 Hours/ 7 Days. This is ideal for short assignments, off normal business hours, last minute scheduling and is an excellent, cost-effective, and easy-to-use alternative. We are also here for your document translations and transcription needs.

If you want to succeed in the Miami business community, it is imperative that you have the ability to communicate with other business people throughout the community. Miami is home to a diverse landscape of cultures, and is considered an international financial and cultural center. Around 3.5 million Florida residents speak a language other than English, so its no wonder that the demand for translation services in Miami area continues to grow. A significant number of the Miami population speaks Spanish, so we employ a team of Spanish language translators in the Miami area ready to assist you.

You may not have considered all of the advantages of hiring an in-person language interpreter, but your Miami-area firm will benefit greatly when you expand your communication potential. Our interpreters in Miami are fluent in English and at least one more language, and are also knowledgeable in a variety of specialized fields such as medical, legal, manufacturing, technical, and engineering. You may be amazed to discover the kinds of business connections a skilled interpreter can help you create across varied ethnic groups and cultures.

In order to communicate with all of your potential clients and partners within the Chicago Area, you will need to speak their language. The demand for translation services in Chicago continues to grow for the most frequently used languages - English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese. People and cultures are defined by their special dialects and unique means of communicating with one another. A large amount of the Chicago population speaks Spanish, so we have many professional Spanish translators working in the area.

In the culturally diverse landscape of Miami, it is essential to be fluent in the most popular languages used in the community. Miami is said to be one of the country's most culturally diverse cities, so it's no surprise that the number of transcription services requests involving foreign languages is growing with the population. Since 1985, American Language Services (ALS) has provided worldwide transcription services across different industries and in more than 150 languages. Transcription is one of the most popular services provided in Miami because it is such a crucial crossroads for immigrants and travelers.

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has been providing transcription services around the world for many industries in over 150 languages. Irvine is one of the places in the world where our transcription services are widely used. Our Irvine transcribers are the best and most experienced having worked in the community that is home to people from 140 countries. Transcriptions work can be in a number of mediums including: micro cassettes, mini cassettes, tapes, VHS & audio cassettes, DVD's, and digital files including DAT, CD, MPEJ, MP3 and RA.

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has strived to help our clients communicate effectively with others around the globe. AML-Global has been providing linguists to US-based and international companies for over 35 years. Our mission is to provide a world-class platform to connect clients with the finest, most qualified linguists available in the world. We take a consultative approach that helps bridge communication gaps between our customers and their target markets. Through our work, we hope to help make the world more interconnected and feel a little smaller.