As the boundaries of business have evaporated in this post industrial world, languages and cultures have merged to a degree of interconnectivity the likes which have never been experienced by our society. Doing business at the highest levels today require the traditional traits of a high quality product, a proper pricing point and the intangibles of a strong reputation mixed with the drive to succeed. Now every firm, no matter the size or purview of it, needs to include one more feature to the above list: A professional translator, who can reach across borders, time zones and cultures to help bring in new customers and market shares that would have been otherwise unreachable.

Although many companies have associates who can try and deliver a product or service to customers in a language other than English, more often than not they will fall woefully short of the caliber and skill needed to properly serve the target audience. These mistakes can forever alienate the intended client. If the error in delivery of the translation or interpretation is great enough, a company can count on being shut out by both the aggrieved client and their entire community for a significant time going forward.

A situation like this, which is much more common than firms realize, is why it is imperative to look at hiring an outside professional translation and interpretation service to handle needs ranging from advertising and market penetration to client conferences and forums.

Around the Globe Translations was founded in 2004 to provide translation and interpretation services to businesses and professional firms of all sizes and with all needs. The company, led by Silvina Jover-Cirillo, M.A., incorporates the highest industry standards of large translations services while having the flexibility associated with freelance translators and interpreters. By maintaining an exclusive group of clients, ATG Translations can guarantee you the quality that you expect, with insight you seek, at prices you need.

Please call us or email us for free quotes on projects of any size or scope. Remember, it is our pleasure to bring YOUR ideas to the world.

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Silvina Jover-Cirillo

founder and owner

My name is Silvina Jover-Cirillo and I am the founder and owner of Around The Globe Translations. I was born in Argentina and raised in Uruguay. Since I was very young (3 years old), I started to learn English at a bilingual (British) school, where I attended until the day of my high school graduation.

When people ask me which is my mother tongue, I see myself in a very awkward situation because I must say is Spanish, due to the simple reason that I was born and raised in Latin American countries. But, in my every day life, I consider myself a native of both languages: Spanish and English. The latter not only because I practically learned it as I was being taught how to speak, but also due to the fact that I am married to an American and, nowadays, living in Tallahassee, FL (with stops in Cedar City, UT and Las Vegas, NV.)

In relation to my career, I was born and raised in a legal household, having attended to Law School in Montevideo, Uruguay for 3 years. Also, due to my fluency in several languages, my professional background has been among international companies focused in export and import matters. This experience has allowed me to expand my horizons to other subjects besides Law. Furthermore, my B.A. in Political Science and my International Relations studies, in conjunction with my M.A. in Global Affairs with concentration in Global Studies grant me sufficient tools to perform an outstanding job in all my fields of specialization, contributing with a unique "touch" of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Simultaneously, I had to learn about different countries and their cultures. This fact has not only allowed me to achieve a high level of cultural fluency but also, from a translator's point of view, this has taught me that the best job will always be that one that does not perform a literal translation of the source text. An in-depth study of its context is needed, as well as an accurate adaptation to be able to fit that particular piece of writing into the community in which it will be exposed. This transliteration exercise is usually known as localization.

Considering that both my professional as well as personal lives have always been related to the interpretation and translation of other languages, I have decided to offer my knowledge and experience to other individuals.