More languages are available upon request. Bromberg Translation and Interpretation Services situated in Southeast Michigan, can solve your communication requirements globally with expertise that includes translation services, interpreting, proofreading and certification in more than 150 different languages, as well as language coaching and cross-cultural training.

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  City Southfield, MI
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  Address 28475 Ranchwood Drive
  Phone Number (248) 827-3621

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Bromberg & Associates was established in 1999 by its president and founder, Jinny Bromberg, the first (and for many years only) court-certified Russian interpreter in the State of Michigan. The company quickly grew from a basement start-up to an award-winning internationally recognized language solutions provider. Bromberg & Associates provides services in more than 200 languages and works with a pool of 4,000 professional interpreters and translators to cover the entire linguistic and cultural landscape, from interpreting and translating to cultural awareness training and compliance consulting.

Bromberg & Associates has been assisting doctors, nurses, and patients with interpreting, translating, linguistic, and cultural services for over 20 years. Whether you need Video Remote Interpreting for an emergency situation, an on-site interpreter to help with an appointment, or translation of vital health documents, Bromberg & Associates' expert HIPAA-compliant language services will ensure high-quality healthcare for all.

Bromberg & Associates provides translation services into and from more than 200 languages, with special attention to cultural norms and dialectal nuances. We promptly respond to all of your language translation needs, providing you with an end result that is linguistically correct and culturally appropriate for your target audience. We will carefully review your project and suggest best course of action. The vast majority oftranslations are completed by our expert human translators, with the assistance of innovative Computer Assisted Technology.

In the U.S., language access in the courtroom and other legal settings is not only the right thing to do for the parties involved in the lawsuit, it's also the law. Our network of qualified and certified court interpreters and translators have decades of experience working on all types of legal matters, including criminal and civil cases, immigration, real estate law, probate law, juvenile law, intellectual property, civil rights, international law and more. We've helped lawyers, judges, plaintiffs, and defendants overcome all types of language barriers, ensuring anequal access to the U.S. legal systemand compliance with state and federal requirements in proceedings.