Because meaning turns on a word. If you're purchasing linguistic services for the 1st time, we will lead you through the process, anticipating and answering your questions, so you can get the job done accurately and efficiently. We'll get to know you and your specific requirements.

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Choice Translating removes language barriers with translating and interpreting services in 200 languages. We help our clients avoid miscommunication, thereby facilitating their business operations and saving them money. Choice Translating has proven to be a valued partner for my firm, successfully sourcing interpreters for even the most challenging of languages to locate. They have proven time and again to be a guarantee for quality service, professionalism, and efficiency. We translate and localize documents for your business or organization, such as technical manuals, marketing materials, legal contracts, and websites.

Choice Translating's story began with a vision, grew stronger with love, and continues through the work of a dedicated team. In 1995, Michelle founded the company from her home, while being an undergraduate student at UNC Charlotte. That's when she met Vernon Menard, who was one of Choice Translating's first customers working for a company involved in international trade at the time. Vernon was not only sold on Michelle's language expertise and her company vision, but also on Michelle herself! Together, Vernon and Michelle have built a multimillion-dollar business, supporting a variety of industries with translation and interpreting services offered in 200 languages.

Choice Translating provides interpreting services in 200 languages, 24 hours a day, every day. In-Person Interpreting is when an interpreter is sent to a physical location to interpret face-to-face for a client and an LEP (limited English proficient) or deaf/hard of hearing individual or group. In-person interpreting is often more cost-effective than over-the-phone interpreting when appointments will last more than a few minutes, when appointments are planned in advance, and when communication may require extra human interaction and visual contact.

Choice Translating provides translation services for a variety of industries and uses in many different languages. Please see below for more information about the different types of translation services we offer. Whether you need to translate a technical manual, legal contracts, sales sheets, or marketing material, we can help. We will take your printed material and deliver print-ready, formatted documents back to you, utilizing the latest technology and highly qualified, professional translators.

You and your colleagues are experts in your industry, but are you experts in linguistics and translation? In just a few minutes we can help you uncover risks you may be running with your current translation process.