As America's premier supplier of state-of-the-art conference technology for over three decades, Conference Systems offers an exceptional blend of product sales and rental services for conference microphone, simultaneous interpretation, and interactive voting systems to suit and exceed your highest expectations.

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Preparing for any event that involves multiple languages is a complex process that requires specialized experience. CSI has the expertise to make even the most complex multi-lingual meetings a success. Over the past four decades, Conference Systems has provided interpretation services for countless meetings, from bi-lateral discussions to world summits to international conventions with thousands of participants. CSI's experienced interpretation and conference coordinators excel at managing interpretation services for meetings and conferences at the highest level.

Brhler conference technology provides improved communication in boardrooms, conference centers, auditoriums, lecture halls, classrooms, legislative/government facilities, and other unique spaces. Prepare and manage your meetings by combining a user-friendly and intuitive software interface with DIGIMIC Wired/Wireless and DIGIMIC Lean Architectural Series microphones. Learn more about Brahler SMART Conferencing by downloading the brochure at the bottom right of this page. The modular DIGIMIC lean+ system's versatility and quality make it the perfect solution for creating a modern multimedia workspace with all of the necessary connection options.

Please note that certain components of the PLS 500 system have been discontinued. We will continue to support customers who currently own this system by offering substitute items for products that have been discontinued. LT700-216 transmitters and LR500-216 receivers are available as replacement units for the discontinued PT500 transmitters and PR500 receivers. Download our frequency chart at the bottom right of this page in order to properly match transmitter and receiver frequencies/channels.

DIGIMIC lean+ was developed to seamlessly integrate conference technology into the overall architecture and design plan. The individual DIGIMIC components were redesigned to provide more compact microphone stations that may be built with only the components necessary for each installation. Individual DIGIMIC lean+ components include a socket for a gooseneck microphone, a push-to-talk microphone button, a speaker, headphone jack, channel selection buttons for listening to other languages, voting buttons, and data and power supplies.

CSI offers simple and elegant wired and wireless solutions for your conference microphone requirements, large and small. Whether you need microphones for five panelists, thirty board members, or a thousand delegates in a convention hall, CSI's conference microphone systems can meet your needs. Special delegate microphone features include: a push-to-talk button, an illuminated ring to indicate the microphone is live, and on-board speakers, which can eliminate the need for external sound systems.

Whether you are holding an election, collecting data from your meeting participants, or looking for something to break the ice, our CSInteractive audience response system is the perfect tool. Designed to provide instant feedback with high-impact graphics, our wireless system can be integrated seamlessly into your meeting agenda. Convert hand-balloting to electronic voting with CSInteractive's customizable election software, which can include runoffs and nominations from the floor. Use CSInteractive's demographic sorting capability to discover how key segments of your audience are responding.

Conference Systems (CSI) has been providing global meeting communications technology and services for over 37 years. As our resume reflects, CSI is privileged to be the vendor of choice for world summits and international meetings at the highest level. When world leaders meet and communication is crucial, CSI is there with our state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise to ensure every word is heard and understood. Our simultaneous interpretation, conference microphone, and electronic voting systems and services have contributed to the success of countless events.

Conference Systems is a division of PSAV. PSAV is the preferred audiovisual rental and staging partner for major hotel brands, conferences/conventions, hospitality management companies, as well as various independent customers and clientele throughout the world.