Many people look for professional translators when they need their documents submitted to official entities. For some it can be the need to translate a birth or marriage certificate when applying for Visas with the USCIS when coming to the USA, while for others it may be the need to translate a diploma and a transcript when applying for higher education. Whatever the reason may be, it is always preferable to contact a professional translator to obtain the best translation and have the documents accepted on the first application to ensure expedited submission.

When using a professional translator, it is guaranteed that the results will be according to the standards required by the official entity. BBT Translation Services works with experienced, professional translators who certify their translation and provide the best translation for our clients. These experienced translators know the steps and the requirements needed in order to guarantee that the documents will be accepted on the first submission.

BBT Translation Services hires only professional translators who translate full time and make translation their profession. When there is a need for a legal translation, we work with translators experienced in the field. When it comes to medical reports, we use licensed medical translators. When applying for an educational institution, we work with translators that have experience in translating educational documents. When applying for a visa, we work with translators who have experience translating vital records.

In the past, translators needed to receive the original documents to complete translations and completion would take an extended timeframe. Today, everything has become much more convenient. No longer do documents need to be mailed to and from the translator's office for submission, but with the luxury of our online submission process, turn around has become exceptionally expedited.

All the client needs to do is send the document via e-mail or fax, which is then used as the original. The translator then sends a link to process the payment and after the dues are received the translation process can begin.

In most cases one to three page documents can be translated within 24 hours. We send the document to the client for approval to ensure complete satisfaction of results prior to certification. In the event that corrections are necessary, we can make the corrections free of charge. We take the customer satisfaction very seriously.

Once approval is received, the translation is then certified and sent back to the client via e-mail - so the originals that are stamped can be viewed before they are submitted to the official entity, which requested these certified translations from our clients. Our translations are done according to the standards of certified translations and we guarantee acceptance at any official entity.

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BBT Translation Services provides certified and notarized translations for any purpose, such as personal documents for immigration, for education, legal documents, medical reports and any other type of document.

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A certified translation is a document translated into another languages that includes a statement signed by the translator or the representative of the professional translation agency which declares that the translation is to the best of his/her knowledge true and accurate. The best way to know the price for the translation of your document is by e-mailing the image of your document. We can examine it and give you an exact quote in minutes - for free! We don't need your originals. Whatever you send to us will be inserted in the translation, so we would like to get a nice image of your document.

When you need to translate your vital records, certificates or diplomas we are here to help! BBT is in the translation business for over a decade and have subtantial experience in translating certificates for any purpose. Whether you need a translation for immigration, employment or education, our translations are always accepted. We are members of the ATA - American Translators Association and our translations bear the logo and the membership number of our registration with the ATA. Our translations of certificates are done word for word and abide by the standards of the USCIS and other governmental institutions.

If you are in search for a translation service that can translate your tax assessments, form 106, annual tax reports and any other tax form, you are in the right place. We don't need your originals. Scan and e-mail us the documents for a free quote. We provide translation of bank statements, wire transfers, account status and any other type of bank document. All the translations include an affidavit of accuracy signed and stamped. Ordering a translation of a financial report is simple and easy.

Our translators provide professional translation of various certificates. For example translation of birth certificate, translation of marriage certificate, name change, driver's license, police reports, diplomas, many different licenses, and many other official documents. If you need to show proof residency or if you need to apply for a passport, let the professionals handle your translations. We can provide professional translations of any financial document, wheather it is a pay stub, a bank statement, wire transfers, deposits, annual reports, tax forms and many others.