Latino Outreach Consulting of NC. is a minority and woman-owned business committed to improving communication between the Spanish and English-speaking communities. President Arianna M. Aguilar holds a communications and graphic arts degree and has over nine years of knowledge in translating, interpreting, and consulting in the medical, social services, legal, and non-profit fields.

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  City Smithfield, NC
  Zip Code 27577
  Address 210 Brdge Street
  Phone Number (919) 938-0600

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Latino Outreach Consulting Inc., subscribes to the following code of ethics and standards for professional conduct in all its dealings. What does this mean for you? Peace of mind. You can be sure that you will always be treated in a friendly, confidential, and -most of all- professional manner. Our Code of Ethics is based on the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators and the National Council of Interpreting in Health Care.

Ms. Aguilar always demonstrated integrity, professionalism, punctuality and dedication to her profession and to the court system. She is very skilled in her profession and exhibits standards of excellence in her work ethic. It has been a pleasure working with you on the translation of the Be Active Kids newsletters. We knew we wanted to better reach the Spanish-speaking families of children in the state using our program, and you were the resource that enabled us to make this happen. I greatly appreciate your attention to detail, your quick response time, and your determination to deliver a high-quality document.

We work with a network of hand-picked subcontract interpreters. Our interpreters must have proven abilities to use both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting techniques, and must be ethical and professional. We screen all of our subcontract interpreters and follow-up with our clients to ensure satisfaction. The cost depends on the type of interpreter requested, and usually includes reimbursement for mileage and a minimum per assignment. We negotiate the best rate possible for each client. If you are an established business or a government agency, we will invoice you after the completion of the assignment.

We work with ATA certified translators from all over the world who specialize in the subject matter at hand, and utilize in-house translators for certain projects. Our proofreading is done in-house for some projects, and for others, we utilize a second ATA certified translator or linguist. The client deals directly with the project manager, who in turn, works closely with the translator to make sure that the client's needs are satisfied and a quality translation is produced. The project manager manages terminology and client requests, sends out the final approved product and ensures client satisfaction.