We are a full service communications company, we Rent, install and Sale Motorola Two-Way Radios & BlackBox Walkie Talkies, William Sound & Listen Interpretation Equipment, Megaphones/ Bullhorns, HME Wireless Intercom Systems, Mifi/ WiFi Internet Junxion Box and (Tents and Pipe Drapes).

Equipment - We are always happy to provide our customers with additional information regarding our equipment. For this reason we can affirm that we provide our Customers with the best quality Communications Equipment in the market and that we can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Why rent with us? Because our goal is to assist you in making your next event a success! We are located in Los Angeles, California.

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  Person Kerwin Zavala
  City Burbank , CA
  Zip Code 91506
  Address 5551 Keystone St
  Phone Number (818) 571-9738

Business Representative

Kerwin Zavala

Rentals Manager

I am a certified communications technician and a language interpreter, my primary responsibility is maintenance of the company's rental fleet of Two Way Radios, to install Interpretation Equipment, Wireless Intercom Systems & WiFi Internet Access. This position is primarily responsible for local site support and maintenance as well as directly interfacing with clients, customers and users.

Products & Services

Black Box Radios

Blackbox Series UHF 2-Way Radio - $239. 00.
IP54 (Water Resistant) , UHF, 4 watt, 16 channel with scan, 2-Tone Encode/Decode, VOX (Voice activated) , Voice Enunciation for each channel, Programmable Button (VOX, Announce Battery Power, or Emergency Alert) , High/Low Power Switchable, Busy Channel Lockout, All-Metal Chassis, Time-out Timer (TOT) , Priority Scan, 50 CTCSS, 104 CDCSS, Audio Connector: Dual Pin (Motorola) , 430-470 mHz.

Package Includes: 1300 mAh Lion Battery, Rapid Rate Charger, Accessory Clamp, Antenna, Belt Clip, User Manual.

LS08072 Fifteen Programmable Receivers

Listen LS08072.
Fifteen programmable receivers plus recharging carry case.

LR4000-72 Portable Digital Receiver

Listen LR4000-72.
Portable digital receiver with unique Look&Listen display, 57 wide band channels to choose from, RF signal strength and more.

LA270 Headset with Directional Boom Microphone

Listen LA270.
Headset with directional boom microphone helps eliminate ambient noise from your presentation.

LA164 Mono Ear Speaker

Listen LA164.
Mono ear speaker is placed over the head and connects to a LR300, LR400, or LR500 FM receiver.

LT700-216 Portable Transmitter

Listen LT700-216.
Portable transmitter is available in both the 72MHz and 216MHz (model number LT700-72) frequency ranges, with 57 channels in each frequency range. This means you are sure to find a clear signal.

Director Earpiece

Director Earpiece for Two Way Radios.
Professional 2-Wire Surveillance kit.
Clear audio acoustic coil tube w/quick disconnect (optional black tube available) .
Side-bar PTT with noise reduction microphone & steel clothing clip.
Eartips included.

LA278 Headset with Directional Boom Microphone

This directional microphone is another popular microphone with Listen users. It secures over the speaker's ears and wraps around the back of the neck. It has great-audio quality, is comfortable to wear and is good for extended use.

Voyager Lightweight Headset

Voyager Lightweight Headset for Two Way Radios.
Over-the-head, lightweight and rugged headset.
In-line PTT button.
Swivel boom microphone.
Adjustable metal headband.

Veteran Speaker/Microphone

Veteran Speaker/Microphone for Two Way Radios.
Military Grade Speaker/Microphone with emergency PTT Button on the side.
Includes 3. 5mm audio port to add optional Scorpion or Shadow listen-only earpiece.
Rubber Coated Grill.
Volume Control.
Fully Insulated.
Rugged 4. 5mm Cabling.
IP-54 All-Weather.

Stationary FM Transmitter

Listen LT-800 Stationary Transmitter can be used in a variety of applications. The LT-800 is connected to your main audio system, broadcasting a high quality audio signal to belt pack receivers, stationary receivers, or wireless speaker/ receivers.

Table Top Interpreters Sound Booth

Tabletop booths - Our tabletop booths are a cost-effective choice that provide the necessary sound reduction for the interpreters to comfortably translate during an event. They are easy to set up and only require a four-foot table.

Lightweight and Inexpensive to ship.
Good acoustic separation and sound reduction.
Fast, easy set up by a technician.
Will fit on any table at least four feet long.
Ideal for events with a limited amount of space.

Full Interpreters Sound Booth

Our fully encapsulated interpreting booths provide the acoustic separation necessary between conference interpreters and the listening audience. They reduce outside noise for clear and concise interpretation.

Design meets ISO-4043 standards
Excellent acoustic separation and sound reduction
Private and comfortable workspace for optimal performance
Impressive to audience

William Sound and Sound Mixer w/Headsets

Simultaneous Language Interpretation System - FM transmitters, Personal receivers with Headsets. Call us to discuss your interpretation system needs, and we can advise you on the best configuration for your meeting.

For meetings and conferences requiring simultaneous interpretation of one language into many, Lighthouse Communications is your source for simultaneous language interpretation system rentals. We proudly feature Williams Sound products, a 30 year pioneer and leader in wireless interpreter systems. Our assisted listening system can handle up to 8 languages and up to any number of listeners.

Your Solution For Interpretation Applications The demand for language interpretation continues its exponential growth in a variety of environments:

* Bilingual Worship Services and Conventions
* International Conferences
* Classroom and Courtrooms
* Business & Government Meetings

These applications usually do not require expensive and complicated conference systems.

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Customer Testimonials

I used Kerwin for some walkie talkie rentals for a large wedding.
He was courteous and professional and the walkies worked great!
I will definitely be using Lighthouse Communications on the next event!

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