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Driving convictions usually leave drivers being summoned to the Magistrates Court of being given a Fixed Penalty Notice. For most, punishment ranges from a simple fine to points being placed on your licence or even custodial sentences. Drivers can be convicted for a number of reasons the most extreme being death by drunk driving to even use of mobile phones while driving. After you've received a driving conviction, your licence will be countersigned to indicate that you've gotten penalty points.

Information is our most powerful asset as human beings and the medical world is progressing at a rapid speed. However, the material is spread across the globe in a multitude of languages. Are you ready to unlock the next steps in your discovery? Or do you need your work translated? At AB Global, we are here to help. Whether it is clinical data, prescription or even an entire textbook, we can effectively translate the required works. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the public health sector and can assure you no details will be lost through translation.

At AB Global we specialize in translations across the public health sector. We have the experience to give your translation the depth it deserves while being easily accessible to whoever reads it. We understand that.

When it comes to health, there needs to be no room left for confusion, questions or misinterpretation of data. Are you looking to translate your public health materials? Or just wondering what services AB Global.