Depend on our company in Bel Air, Maryland, for efficient Certified language translation and interpretation services.Reliable Language Services provides interpreters who are timely, knowledgeable, and industry trained in order to ensure a worry-free experience.

Our certified translators provide their services to customers throughout the United States. Whether you need interpretation for a legal business, physical therapist, or government office, we are here to help.

These face-to-face interpretation services are provided by certified staff that has been extensively tested. When faced with emergency medical situations, judicial hearings, or criminal investigations, the ability to communicate plays a large factor in the outcome.

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and objectivity, especially during sensitive situations. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our attention to detail and knowledge of specific industry terminology.

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  Person Reliable Language Services Inc.
  City Bel Air, MD
  Zip Code 21014
  Address 221 Maitland St. Suite B-4
  Phone Number (410) 838-6689
  Tollfree 1877.825.0660
  Fax 410.838.6659

Customer Testimonials

RLS has been a great asset to our OB/GYN practice. Some of the patients that we see are unable to speak English and have trouble understanding the doctors. We contacted RLS for their help and they have always been prompt, highly professional and very appreciated by the patients with their services. I feel that RLS is a very valuable member to our health care team.

I used Reliable Language Services for the translation of two documents. As these pertain to my medical career, I needed them translated accurately and fast. RLS was great and professional, the prices were also very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone in need of translation, and interpretation too!

From Our Website

Depend on our company in Bel Air, Maryland, for efficient Certified language translation and interpretation services. In Simultaneous interpreting the interpreter interprets at the same time that the speaker is speaking. RLS has instituted rigorous quality control strategies to produce error-free, linguistically and mechanically sound. Involves taking a document written in one language and reading It aloud in another language. An interpreter uses American Sign Language and spoken English to bridge this communication gap.