Translations of legal documents are highly accurate - FULL representations not extracts of the original document's style and format that reads easily. Language translation provided from and to the following: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Romanian, Indonesian, Arabic, Hebrew, and many others into English. More languages are being adding all the time!

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The Accurate Translator, llc is a small group of highly skilled translators under the proficient management and direction of the Accurate Translator llc, its owner, and managers. Located in the U.S. Southwest in Phoenix, Arizona, the Accurate Translator, llc focuses a large part of its energy and resources providing full-service document translation services for many languagesas well as verbal interpretation services for English and Spanish. Translation servicesinclude academic documents, public legal certificates, medical records &topics, legal& financial forms, technical manuals, real estate& financial reports, contracts, andmore.

The Accurate Translator, LLC offers: GUARANTEE OF ACCEPTANCE by U.S.C.I.S. or any other U.S. federal, state, or local government agency. Send a faxed, scanned copy, or smart phone photograph of your original or certified copy of birth certificate or other legal public document. Two. Make payment in response to instructions sent shortly after we receive your certificate. Three. Receive your notarized / certified translation by mail or pick it up! The Accurate Translator, llc is an expert in all types of public legal and birth certificate translation.

The Accurate Translator, LLC is a full service English - Spanish translation service but has become highly specialized in the area of foreign document translation. These primarily consist of Birth Certificates but commonly also include marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce rulings, criminal background checks, immunization records, declarations of good health, diplomas, transcripts and many others. It is only logical that as client to be curious as to how the final product will appear and wonder why to he or she should select The Accurate Translator, LLC over any other translation agency.

Since 2006, the Accurate Translator, a Better Business Bureau accredited translation agency has been offering translation services for all USCIS Immigration Translation needs. The Accurate Translator, LLC offers a GUARANTEE OF ACCEPTANCE by U.S.C.I.S. or any other U.S. federal, state, or local government agency. Although we service the customers throughout the U.S. and the world, residents of Phoenix have the option to save some time and pick-up translations at our notary in-person! The most common civil documents include, but are not limited to the following: Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Criminal Background Checks, Divorce Decrees, Adoption Records, Single Status Affidavits.

The Accurate Translator, LLC prides itself in being a FULL-SERVICE English - Spanish translation service. As a full service agency, we offer English - Spanish document translation and well as verbal consecutive interpretation for Spanish and English meetings, conferences, legal depositions, and courtroom testimonies. Verbal English - Spanish translation and interpretation services also include voice talent for radio, television, and PBX recording. English-Spanish Document Translation Our in-house staff consist of only the most experienced professional Spanish to English and English to Spanish translators.

Due to the different educational systems throughout the world, it may be necessary to have your translated academic credentials professionally evaluated. This step not only ensures the reader that the documents are authentic, but also that there is a U.S. equivalency with these credentials for individual courses, degrees, and diplomas. Professional Evaluation is usually a mandatory process when documents are requested from a university registrars office, licensure board, and at times, even an employer.

One of the most demanding audiences for translations are those who will ask you for the translation of your academic documents. These can include the translation of diplomas, translation of degrees, and the translation of transcripts. High school transcript and diploma translation are commonly requested for anyone entering into a college or university from those who have studied abroad. Whatever the reason, we provide translations for: USCIS (Immigration), Employment, University Admissions, and Certification Boards.