Transimpex was founded in 1974 by Doris Ganser, who arrived in the United States with a degree in Translation from a German university as well as years of experience in a manufacturing export company and in international consulting. She made quality in all foreign language communications the guiding principle of her company and everyone associated with it.

The Transimpex network comprises professional Translators, Interpreters, Editors, Consultants, Writers, Layout, Advertising and Other Specialists for most world languages and disciplines, with a possibility to call upon thousands to handle even Large Volume assignments quickly and efficiently. Most of our associates as well as our management team and owners have degrees in translation and/or advanced degrees in their fields of expertise as well as ATA and/or other certifications in their foreign language combinations.

Quality is our most important product. To this we add professionalism, flexibility, and timeliness and even creativity where needed. We cooperate closely with our clients, including hundreds of satisfied small and large companies throughout the world who have put their trust in Transimpex to disseminate their information around the globe for success in the international marketplace.

Contact Details

  City Kansas City , MO
  Zip Code 64111
  Address 3100 Main St, Suite# 299
  Phone Number (816) 331-1863

Products & Services

Equipment Rental

Transimpex can now provide you its new state of the art Williams Sound Digital Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment for rent. We do so at competitive rates, whether for training, depositions, board meetings or in-house conferences. Simultaneous interpreting saves time and money because presenters need not pause for interpreting.


No project is too small or too large, and we are committed to working with you to ensure your satisfaction!


Need equipment for simultaneous interpreting? Allow us to provide it!

Contact us, and we will provide a skilled interpreter to ease your communications so you can focus on business.

Customer Testimonials

I highly recommend the team at Transimpex, including especially Doris Ganser, for translation services, from who I have received excellent cost-effective service in connection with German legal and medical documents, as well as business correspondence. It is always a pleasure to work with Doris and her team at Transimpex!

We have used Transimpex for years to translate our packaging directions, warnings and ingredients. They are always very prompt with the translations and will ask for clarification if needed. They also understand the regulations of our industry and comply without any problems. We look forward to working with Transimpex for years to come.

Spanish translations of legal and financial documents beyond my expectations. Not just a spanish translation, a legal and financial spanish lenguage translation.Very well done.