At Translators USA, we are able to meet the needs of our clients thanks to a database of more than 9,000 experienced translators who provide immediate coverage of approximately 150 languages. Just as importantly, our linguists see that grammar, syntax, tone and idioms make sense to native listeners—it’s a concept called “localization.” As a result, you can count on Translators USA’s translators and interpreters to ensure content is always accurate … and that even the most complex thoughts are understood as they were intended.

Whether it’s a corporation expanding internationally or a doctor serving a local immigrant population, our clients quickly learn that we’ll help them bridge any language gap. Without gimmicks, tricks or imprecise software programs—just human to human care and efforts—Translators USA’s services feature unsurpassed expertise and dedication to American organizations and individuals.

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Business Representative

Danny Goossens


In 2004, immigrant Danny Goossens came to the United States. He immediately fell in love with his adopted country, seeing this “land of opportunity.” Yet an appreciative attitude didn’t keep Goossens from being frustrated as he sought a translation company to help with his immigration papers. The experience led Goossens to work for one such company as a project manager and regional sales director. As he recognized the value and innovation that U.S. companies bring to their respective markets, he also saw unaddressed disconnect with the country’s diverse populations. That’s how Translators USA was born. Today, our company is 100% devoted to helping American companies, professionals and government entities accurately and fully convey the scope of their work to the widest array of populations.

Products & Services

Translation - Interpreting

Broadly communicating a message is easy enough: an infant can tell you she’s hungry; a dog can let you know there’s an intruder. But for depth of comprehension, we rely on language—sounds and syllables that are full of meaning and nuance and have been developed, refined, and shared for ages. Unfortunately, we don’t all speak the same words. Translators USA is a bridge to complete understanding when you want to be sure nothing gets lost in translation. Language, both spoken and written, conveys thoughts, ideas, and intentions… it fosters relationships, is the conduit of all business, and makes every interaction special. That means the world to us.

Since 2003, Translators USA has served American interests both at home and abroad with expert translation and interpretation services. We specialize in making multi-language conferences and conversations more successful, whether in person or on the phone. We ensure that the written word is shared accurately and in the correct voice, no matter where the document will be used or where the conference takes place. And we take our responsibility seriously: we will provide the best customer service possible because we want to work with you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Document Translations

With a database of 9, 000 linguists covering more than 150 languages, Translators USA provides highly accurate translation services for American corporations, government agencies and departments, small businesses, technical organizations, advertising agencies, and individuals. We specialize in certified translations of technical, legal, medical and marketing documents, and we readily work with the following digital file formats: CD, MP3, WAV and MP4.

Unlike translation service providers who outsource their work overseas, all of our English transcriptions are done in the U. S. We only work with certified and highly qualified transcribers—skilled linguists who are also well versed in their project’s subject matter.

Telephone Interpretation

When you need to rapidly respond to a problem or see an immediate opportunity, your first and best option is often a phone call. But what do you do when the other party speaks a different language? Don’t worry. Translators USA has you covered with TUSA-LINK!

This proprietary telephone interpretation service provides instant access to over-the-phone interpretation for 150 languages!

Audio/Visual Voiceovers and Subtitles

With more than a decade’s experience in the voiceover industry, Translators USA’s professional staff has successfully conducted voiceovers for high-reputation firms as well as startups.

Complementing our voiceover work, Translator USA’s subtitle service is valued by hearing-impaired audiences as well as those who speak a different language.


Translators USA, LLC

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