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I can perform general and technical translation in the spheres of agriculture, agronomy, animal sciences, anthropology, archeology, architecture, art, astronomy, atmospheric sciences and meteorology, biology, botany, ceramics, child care, criminology, culinary arts, ecology, economics, engineering, environmental science, textile and weaving, fire protection, food sciences, forestry, geography, geology, history, linguistics, literature, manufacturing, medicine, philosophy, photography, poetry, psychology, science (general) , tourism, transportation.

I am delighted doing a creative work translating and it is always a pleasure for me to improve my knowledge and obtain some new skills and experience. Work has a creative approach because the language is tightly connected with the imagination and the ability to clothe the thoughts into the right words but the main task I set to myself as a translator is to get to the essence of the word or phrase or sentence to present it in the right light. Iam a graduate linguist, a translator by profession. am fluent in English and I know several more languages German, Russian, Ukrainian and a little Japanese. Please contact me if you are interested.


$0.05 per a word

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Dec 5, 2010