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I approach translating as a craft, almost as an art. I entertain various options until the correct one conveys the thought as precisely as the languages allow. I like to stay in close contact with my customers, so we may clarify ambiguities that often surface upon translating any language. Many times the original, either in Spanish or in English is edited to express an idea even more precisely.

Your services have helped us supply HR matters in Spanish; which has helped us to communicate better with our employees. Our passion and purpose is communication. With personal and corporate roots in the agribusiness industry itself, we know from experience that business is never optimized until everyone understands firm vision, policy, and procedures along with personal expectations and roles.

TOIN Corporation, the leading multilingual supplier of Japanese and Asian Language Solutions, has acquired the Translation and Interpretation business units of Pacific Dreams. in November 1, 2008. Pacific Dreams will continue to operate as a distinct business unit within TOIN Corporation, as TOIN USA., for the foreseeable future.

International Writers' Group specializes in writing and editing services, English-to-German translation, and translation consulting and writing. Our varied backgrounds in communication-including technical, academic, and marketing-supply an exceptional set of knowledge and skill for our customers' language and writing projects.

OUR SERVICES Translations that are linguistically and culturally correct. Language lessons taught by native speakers with many years of knowledge working with adults. Experienced interpreters delivering ease of communication between our customers and their employees, patients, customers, vendors and for other business purposes.

Educational activities include workshops, classes, and conferences, which will be conducted in both long-term and short-term formats. Resources include referral to professional, educational and advocacy organizations serving interpreters, translators, and consumers/customers. Treat someone special to a wonderful educational experience. Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount.

We guarantee you'll be pleased with our accurate, clear, precise and confidential translations. We work to translate both the words and ideas. We check form, content, style and grammar to assure nothing gets lost in the translation and nothing has been omitted.

Interpreters Available On-Demand Certified Languages International CLI is a complete-service professional language firm specializing in phone interpreter and document translation services. CLI supplies real-time telephone interpreters skilled in more than 150 languages.