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MIR ASSOCIATES/MULTI-LINGUAL INTERPRETER RESOURCES is a complete service interpretation and translation firm situated in Burlington, Massachusetts and has been providing quality linguistic services since 1986. Professional customer service has been our main priority, and the levels of repeat business reflect the rewards that have resulted directly from our approach.

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Do you know that most people do not seek medical attention because they fear situations where they cannot commnunicate clearly? Today's healthcare providers are not waiting for an emergency to supply care to these people. Do you know most workers get mistreated at work because they cannot communicate with their employers?

The firm was established in 1973 by a medical research scientist and an electronics engineer who recognized the need for a translation service which would communicate the meaning of technical materials, rather than simply delivering a literal translation of the words.

By dealing with the world's top drug and device firms, ForeignExchange Translations has come to know how products are created, from R&D to clinical trials to marketing and all the steps in between. Our experience of the product life cycle means that we can speak the same language as our customers and build translation into the process.

You have clients and employees all over the world, and your job is to connect with them. Our job is to assist you with our multimedia services. Here you'll find the most updated news and commonsense in international communication, business and management. A bridge for cultures and languages! Corporations and organizations rely on Red & Blue for language, business and cultural solutions.

EveryWare Translations. has been delivering technology firms with superb translation and localization services since 1997. We are currently working on re-designing this site, so please be patient, and come back later to see what's new.

For Life Sciences and Engineering firms, attaining an effective global reach requires precise global communication. RIC International supplies customer focused localization, technical consulting, and translation services helping customers to obtain a global presence. Engineering: Science-Based Technology Company This organization is an absolutely top-notch group.

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Assilevi is a Massachusetts firm delivering Spanish English interpreting and translation, as well as multimedia voice-over and cultural diversity consulting. We have been delivering exceptional service to law companies, insurance companies, healthcare institutions, corporations and other organizations for more than five years. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and providing great value.