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Welcome to the GLTaC translation service web page Translate your REACH and GHS MSDS phrases accurately using GLTaC's professional team of translators into all EU languages, plus most Asian languages. GLTaC is the leading supplier of MSDS phrase translations with translators around the world holding advanced degrees in Chemistry, Toxicology, Biology and possessing the regulatory knowledge to make the

To succeed in the Global Market, your firm must present any services or products in a clear way. The information must project a very positive image of your firm across all cultures and languages. The quality of the translation must reflect the quality of your Company. You can achieve this, as many other firms have, with the services of PAE.

Gala tickets are available now. The third annual Best Business Practices for the Interpreting Professional on Saturday, September 12, 2009 has been postponed. Fall 2009 ASL I-IV classes and Conversational ASL start on September 15 & 16 at DHHS and September 17 at Crossroads Middle School. We accept registrations on the 1st night of classes. Payment must be made by the 1st night - no exceptions.

We supply accurate interpreter interpretations in over 40 languages including ASL American Sign Language. Cultural Awareness seminars are available for your team. We interpret for patients and Providers in medical settings. Interpreters are on-call and ready to interpret in over 40 different languages.

With a combined 75 years' knowledge in Japanese communications, Suzuki, Myers & Associates, Ltd. provides a lot of technical and practical knowledge for your business dealings with Japan. Whether it's translating, interpreting, sales and marketing assistance, cultural consulting, human resources or any other requirements, SuzukiMyers supplies the expertise that will make your North American/Japanese

Global LT has been working with firms around the world for over three decades. Our professional team is committed to delivering outstanding service and expertise to assist corporations achieve a competitive advantage. At Global LT, we understand the communication challenges you face in today's global business environment, and we're dedicated to assisting you successfully overcome them.

Rosetta Translation provides professional legal, medical and technical translations services from its offices in Birmingham, MI, London (England) and Shanghai (China). We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and will provide you with a quote within 1 hour of receiving your request. Corporate member of the ATA (American Translators Association) and ATC (Association of Translation Companies).

Global Reach Languages. is a complete service language translation firm located in western Michigan, serving a global marketplace. Our focus is language translation to/from English, Bosnian, German, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. However, we're pleased to assist you with many other language combinations, as well as other translation related services.