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B&N LEGAL INTERPRETING. is an interpreting agency situated in Queens. Our philosophy is a straight-forward solution to other firms that forego quality, honesty and integrity as it relates to the business of legal interpreting throughout the Tri-State area.

What are your translation requirements? Tired of those hard-to-read machine translations? Worried that your current translation supplier understands that style and substance matter? Do you trust that what your original document states is being accurately converted to the target language? Concerned that the reader of your translated text is falling fast asleep from the dullness of the writing style?

We know there are many agencies to choose from and we evaluate your taking the time to learn about our firm. We hope you'll find the information in this website helpful. If you have any further questions, would like a quotation, or need general translation or interpreting advice, we'll be glad to supply you with whatever information you may require. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Translations AAA Company strives to supply you with quick, low-cost translations. Most work is ready the SAME DAY at low, competitive prices. Two simple ways to translate your document: 1. Fax or e-mail your document, pay by credit card and get it back in the mail. Come in in-person, drop off your document and pick it up later.

OHASHI High Technology Corporation OHASHI is an American company, delivering comprehensive linguistic services specialized in the English/Japanese language combination. We translate technical, legal, and business documents including technical reports, patents, agreements and business correspondence. We supply interpreters for such occasions as client visits and business negotiations.

Telephone interpretation services are a new strategic directive in the corporate world to reduce the high cost of on-site interpreting. The fast growth of this service is testimony to its effectiveness. With over seventeen years' experience of international voiceovers, Intervoices has set up an extensive library of multilingual and mother tongue voice actors, commentators and narrators.

Skrivanek expanding its presence in Russia. Whatever field you work in, Russian is becoming the essential language you need to work with! Since its creation in 1994 Skrivanek Translation Agency has provided one of the fastest growth rates in the localization industry.

ASLI is committed to facilitating the communication between The Deaf and Hearing communities, with educational programs and interpreters who possess the highest standards of skill and professionalism. Firmly committed to the principles of the RID Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Code of Ethics.

Set up in 1959, we currently have over fifty years of knowledge helping people communicate. Our in-house team consists of linguists who are specialized specialists. Interpreting is a verbal process where an interpreter speaks either simultaneously or consecutivly Translating is the written word where one language is translated into another language or a number of languages.

Delivering solutions for all of your Japanese translation requirements. What makes us different from other translation businesses? M any translation businesses offer Japanese as one of the languages on a long list, but here at JTS, we SPECIALIZE in it. While many other translation businesses try to cast a huge net by providing as many languages as possible, JAPANESE TRANSLATION SOLUTIONS supplies a

International Credentials Evaluation and Translation Services offers academic, professional, and expert opinion evaluations as well as interpretation services and certified and notarized translations for each personal customer requirement, designed for a multitude of institutional applications.

We provide translation, dubbing, voice-over, narration and audio recording in any language in any location. Audio-To-Go can fully produce a sound track including translation in over 40 languages, direction, narration and recording. Or, we can provide you with any one of those functions. By pretty, we mean we draw from the best available talent pool of experienced, foreign-born specialists.

UCTranslations is one of the New York City's leading suppliers of translation, interpreting, localization, and cultural consulting services. Our mission is to supply best quality service to individuals and businesses worldwide. At UCTranslations, we create successful translations by holding every project up to our own stringent standards, known industry-huge as the best, and backing everything we do

Call us today for a FREE quote on your translation project or use our online quote request form. We supply a complete language service which supplies support in more than 200 languages. We supply the highest standards of service by adhering to our guiding principles of accuracy, value, confidentiality, speed and reliability.

Interspeak Translations has been delivering foreign language translation and interpretation services for over a quarter of a century. We are dedicated to delivering you with professional and personalized service and expert assistance for all your requirements, from certified document translation to on-site interpretation with simultaneous interpretation equipment and technical support.

We're a women-owned tiny business, enabling us to be flexible and to supply you with customized, top-quality service. For this reason majority of our business comes from satisfied longtime clients and referrals, and our firm has been in business successfully for over 30 years. The Language Lab was established in 1972 in New York City.

Fast turnaround on all projects; rush service for even the tightest deadlines. Outstanding value and client service are our dedication to you. The source for your multilingual communication requirements in virtually any language worldwide. We work regularly in the main business languages, and are your source for languages used around the world. Translators and interpreters with expertise in your field.

Welcome to the New York Circle of Translators, a non-profit organization of translation and interpretation specialists. For more information see About NYCT. Once you send your payment, we will update your status online, so that your profile begins/keeps showing and will send you a receipt.

Japan Communication Consultants is a translation, interpretation, localization, and consulting service specializing entirely in Japanese and English communication. We are one of America's premier Japanese language agencies, with a network of 100's of experienced interpreters, translators, and language specialists available throughout the US, Canada, and Japan to serve your requirements.

Okabe & Yampolsky Translations is a New York City-based company specializing in Japanese legal translation. We work in no other fields and handle no language pairs other than Japanese and English. Our specialized approach-rare in the translation industry-has enabled us to build a deep well of know-how, knowledge and field-specific knowledge, and these in turn allow us to produce better translations