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If you need aid clarifying what kind of language service you require, such as simultaneous conference or consecutive interpretation, document translation, software localization or audio transcription, and want a more detailed explanation, we can assist!

Our Mission is to supply convenient and accessible language solutions. At AESL we work tight to help our clients as they expand their horizons, both personally and professionally. We provide the language services and tools needed to succeed in the diverse and multilingual environment of today's world. You have something important to say.

W ORD M AVEN Translations Our translation can pass for the original. You'd never know our translation wasn't originally written in the target language, American English. We know the language of the subject field, not just the language combination. And as master writers of our native tongue, with an intimate experience of the source language, we can convey exactly what the original says, in the style

We're a Massachusetts based firm delivering worldwide translation and interpreting services and language training to businesses, law companies, government organizations and the general public for over 24 years. This web page offers information about our expert services and approach to doing business. Please call or e-mail for an estimate on any of the above services!

Having successfully collaborated with your firm on several projects, I am glad to report that your Notified Body and ISO recognition are very well deserved. As stated in our QS Scope, Crimson is certified to supply Language translation and auxiliary services for the medical technology industries.

Assilevi is a Massachusetts firm delivering Spanish English interpreting and translation, as well as multimedia voice-over and cultural diversity consulting. We have been delivering exceptional service to law companies, insurance companies, healthcare institutions, corporations and other organizations for more than five years. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and providing great value.

Our customers vary from emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 companies throughout the US. Since 1996, we've been committed to delivering the best standards in quality and customer services at the most competitive rates within the industry.

  • I wish to express my praise and gratitude for the stellar service offered by Global Link

Practical communication solutions for businesses and governments across the globe in the areas of language training, intercultural training, and translation and interpretation services.