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List of companies in Silver Spring, MD offering language translation, localization and interpretation services.

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As a lawyer-led organization, SHINSHU supplies the extra measure of understanding that is often critical to favorable outcomes in litigation and negotiations involving Japanese parties, witnesses or documents. The founder and head of SHINSHU is Brenda K. Seat, an American attorney with extensive litigation and negotiation experience who speaks Japanese flawlessly and lived in Japan for 16 years.

Birnbaum Interpreting Services BIS is a Deaf-owned & operated firm providing sign language interpreting services for government, healthcare, legal, religious, business and entertainment environments. BIS offers accurate, responsive and affordable interpreting services utilizing a complete complement of experienced specialists who understand the ethical, confidential and communication responsibilities

GLOBAL Accents. specializes in foreign language translations. Whatever your individual or professional requirements may be, we're prepared to suit them. Our language specialities include patent translation, corporate and machinery manuals, and general correspondence. We render best quality translations in over 30 language pairs, which are accurate and culturally acceptable.

Headed by Gladys Segal, Seagull International. is a minority owned tiny business and a leader in language services within the Washington, D.C. area. For more than 20 years, Ms. Segal has consulted with industry, governments, Federal and State courts.

Kotoba. is devoted to delivering expert assistance in Japanese to the legal community. Ideally situated in the Washington D.C. area, Kotoba supplies expertly trained, specialized, and competent team to support attorneys, patent attorneys, and law companies. Kotoba means word in Japanese.

The All-European Language Bureau, AELB, is a complete service translation agency founded since 1987 in the Washington, DC, area, the nation's capital. We supply professional translating, interpreting, desktop publishing for all the European languages. Legal - Document review on or off-site. Interpretation at depositions, trials, and arbitration.

A proven history with the Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community. One stop shop for language requirements. Vast range of multi-media technology and professional services.

MLS supplies foreign language services to government, corporate, and personal customers throughout the US. In today's world, there are many reasons to communicate your message clearly and effectively in any language, any medium. Find out the top 6 reasons to translate your website.