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Thank you for your interest in our translation and interpretation services. Through commitment to our clients and our commitment to quality, we believe that we can give you the highest service within the industry. While serving the New England area for over ten years, our mission is to provide satisfied clients out of each and every contact.

The firm was established in 1973 by a medical research scientist and an electronics engineer who recognized the need for a translation service which would communicate the meaning of technical materials, rather than simply delivering a literal translation of the words.

Do you know that most people do not seek medical attention because they fear situations where they cannot commnunicate clearly? Today's healthcare providers are not waiting for an emergency to supply care to these people. Do you know most workers get mistreated at work because they cannot communicate with their employers?

Our customers vary from emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 companies throughout the US. Since 1996, we've been committed to delivering the best standards in quality and customer services at the most competitive rates within the industry.

  • I wish to express my praise and gratitude for the stellar service offered by Global Link

Practical communication solutions for businesses and governments across the globe in the areas of language training, intercultural training, and translation and interpretation services.

Language barriers should not keep you from being successful in the international market place. Effective communication of ideas and information is the key to business success in all languages. As more and more businesses enter foreign markets, accurate translation becomes an essential tool in doing business. Boston Translation Company is dedicated to making international communications work for you.

The International Documentation Center supplies notarized English translation of immigration and educational documents for foreign nationals seeking visas, work authorization, green cards, and naturalization, as well as for those foreign students who wish to enroll in academic institutions in the U.S. All our translations are processed in accordance with Federal Certification Standards.

You have clients and employees all over the world, and your job is to connect with them. Our job is to assist you with our multimedia services. Here you'll find the most updated news and commonsense in international communication, business and management. A bridge for cultures and languages! Corporations and organizations rely on Red & Blue for language, business and cultural solutions.