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Translation and recording of voice prompts for all telephone applications in 35 languages digitized to all NP file formats. Send your script for a free quote. Serving the leaders of the Telephony industry since 1993 with over 2 million voice prompts produced. We focus solely on recording custom voice prompts. Because of our expertise, our voice prompts are professional and cost-effective.

We offer professional interpreters and translators with lowest cost ever in TN for medical appointments, federal and local government , business and non-profit organizations. We will work out with your budget and we will never let you down since our goal is helping Communities in Nashville to be served and had access to your business and your success is our success. Please visit our website

Since 1999 Robledo Translations has offered Spanish translation and interpretation services, voice-over, voice recordings and consulting services to customers in both the private and public sectors, including national retail and food service chains, television and telecommunications companies, health care suppliers and marketing and legal companies.

Gate Communications is a not-for-profit organization which supplies 4 fold services within the field of Education, Interpreting, Community Events, and Outreach. Gate seeks to understand the educational, physical, social, and spiritual requirements of Deaf Community members locally, nationally, and internationally. Gate is situated in the Cool Springs area in Franklin, Tennessee.

About Wordplay Translations Since 1995, Wordplay Translations has been successfully delivering quality translation, interpreting and voice-over solutions to a huge range of customers worldwide. Located in Nashville, and certified by the American Translators Association, Wordplay is committed to providing accurate, unambiguous translations in a timely, professional manner.

Translators. supplies superior language solutions using innovative proprietary technology, world class client service and dependable delivery.

We facilitate communication between English and ltd English speakers. Fill in the short form below, press submit and you'll be contacted within 24 hours with an estimate and availability. An interpreter is a person who translates spoken language orally, as opposed to a translator, who translates written language. What Are the Qualifications of an Interpreter?