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MAMI Multicultural Association of Medical Interpreters supplies trained interpreters for speakers of limited English in medical, legal, mental health and residential violence/sexual abuse situations. MAMI supplies accredited written translations of health and legal documents.

Empire Interpreting Service is an Interpreting Referral Agency in Central New York with more than 200 professional Sign Language and Spoken Language Interpreters delivering services across the Northeast in legal, educational, medical, mental health, platform and religious settings.

GB Language Consulting supplies a huge range of high-quality language services for individuals and businesses. The revolution in the communication services across the Internet and the E-Mail, ECommerce has created an increased need for customized services, accuracy, expert experience and costeffective translation solutions.

No matter where you're in the world you can be confident that Linguaggio can handle all your translation and interpreting requirements. At Linguaggio, we recognize that accurately translated documents can have a profound and positive impact on our firm's image, the acceptance of your products in international markets, your warranty cost and liability risk, and your capability to gain new clients.

Visit our Offer of the Month section to learn more about our Discounts for First-Time Clients. Transpanish can assist you gain out to the Hispanic community in US and abroad. Our services include Spanish to English and English to Spanish Translation, as well as Proofreading and Editing of any kind of document and in any format.

Over a Quarter Century of Excellence in International Communications Conveying your message across linguistic and cultural barriers requires more than simple translation. Contact us with your international communications problem. Learn how to join our winning staff if you're an experienced translator. Read about the latest events and activities involving our people.

Language Intelligence combines skilled professional translators, cross-cultural experts, experienced project managers, and sophisticated technology with an ISO 9001-2008 compliant quality management system to make your firm a success in diverse global markets. A fun and innovative way to learn a foreign language!

About Sign Language Connection Since 1990, Sign Language Connection. has been delivering the highest quality interpreting services for the greater Rochester area. We are committed to guarantee that communication between the hearing and Deaf communities happens the 1st time. Quality Interpreting Qualified interpreters do more than just sign.

  • This Sign Language Interpreting Referral Agency is among one of the best in Rochester,