Interpreting Booths

Fully encapsulated interpreting booths
Our fully encapsulated interpreting booths provide the acoustic separation necessary between conference interpreters and the listening audience. They reduce outside noise for clear and concise interpretation.

Design meets ISO-4043 standards
Excellent acoustic separation and sound reduction
Private and comfortable workspace for optimal performance
Impressive to audience

Tabletop booths
Our tabletop booths are a cost-effective choice that provide the necessary sound reduction for the interpreters to comfortably translate during an event. They are easy to set up and only require a four-foot table.

Inexpensive to ship
Good acoustic separation and sound reduction
Fast, easy set up by a technician
Will fit on any table at least four feet long
Ideal for events with a limited amount of space

Published on

Apr 2, 2013

Business Details

Your Solution For Language Interpretation Applications: The demand for language interpretation continues its exponential growth in a variety of environments: * Bilingual Worship Services * Business Conventions * International Conferences * Classroom * Courtrooms * Government Meetings.

  • New equipment and good translators.

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